The Quantum Bridges universe is a crafted spiral galaxy. It's simulated using the latest scientific knowledge of galactic evolution. Civilisations simulated on the server occupy habitable systems. You can influence or destroy these according to your unique play.

The galaxy in Quantum Bridges is over 1550 light years in diameter. It contains approximately 300,000 planets in 30,000 solar systems. We focused on crafting a galaxy that is lively rather than just large. The space in the galaxy is fully continuous. This means that it's possible to go everywhere in the galaxy, not only within the solar systems.

A large number of civilisations evolve in real time using complex development trees. They interact with the environment, each other and you, the player. The galaxy and everything in it is a result of a large scale simulation. So everything has its history. You can explore why certain civilisations failed, and others flourish. You get to meet in-game characters as well as other real people. Quantum Bridges is a hybrid multiplayer game, with the advantages of a massively online game (MMO) as well as a single player title. It is a seamless blend of a shared universe and an impactful single player campaign. Your actions have meaningful consequences.

Stellar objects such as stars form the majority of the galactic mass. You will arrive to the galaxy where almost a third of the stellar objects are main sequence stars, like our Sun. Some are a bit smaller (low mass main sequence stars). The rest are various types of giant stars, Carbon/Oxygen and Carbon/Neon white dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes and core helium burning stars.

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