This is an open world, space exploration RPG action game for Virtual Reality, optimised for Oculus Quest. You design your space ship, on which you get to meet your crew and you travel anywhere in the universe you desire.
Build a unique ship from hundreds of modules carefully designed so that you can build a ship of your dreams. All the modules also follow basic concepts of science, engineering and space exploration to give you the real feeling of travelling in an interconnected universe.
If you have to fight other players and non-player characters, you can do it in space battles that don't just rely on how fast your fingers are. You choreograph the space battles in Quantum Bridges like an epic dances of interstellar machines. You test your strategy, your ship as well as your ability during action based fire shooting combat.
The universe in Quantum Bridges is a highly realistic intertwined system representing real natural forces forming a complex system with depth, logic and chaos. The universe was generated using the latest understanding of how galaxies form, providing a rich playground for fun experiences and exploration. You will travel faster than light using theoretical drives as well as manoeuvre slower than light with engines and fuel that propel rockets to space in the real world.
You don't travel just in space but also in time in Quantum Bridges. Thanks to this you can see the effects of your decisions and change the outcomes if you want to. Our hybrid multiplayer mechanism makes it possible for shared reality with other players. But it gives you the satisfying feeling of having an impact on the world around you, just like single player games give you.
A virtual multiverse that looks stunning on Oculus Quest. Hundreds of thousands of solar systems, planets, stellar objects like black holes, pulsars and others, ready for you to explore. The universe is not procedurally generated but instead carefully crafted to be engaging, fun and alive. Unlike other games, the universe in Quantum Bridges is continuous, spanning over 1500 light years, allowing you to go anywhere in this space.

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