Procedural Evolution and Generation

There were several attempts at generating a universe for gaming purposes so far. An industry favourite method is procedural generation. This method can produce diverse large scale spaces. We are using a special branch of procedural generation more akin to evolution and simulation. The galaxy in Quantum Bridges is evolved in iterations, making it approximately 10 million years old. We decided to further amplify the potential of this universe by simulating life in it too.

Large spaces suffer from a feel of emptiness. Even when diverse lifeforms were generated on the planets. For this reason we simulate interactive civilisations as part of the evolution. This means, for example, that there are civilisations just born as well as civilisations long extinct. The civilisations interact with the environment and can reach beyond their initial starting point. This makes the environments captivating and fun to explore.

Here, you can read more about the universe in Quantum Bridges.

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